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Apr. 30th, 2014 @ 05:27 pm same as it ever was
Current Mood: lost
Feelings of confusion. Feelings of not knowing. where do we all fit in this crazy little world. im tired of the online presence everyone is great and happy. no one will ever post what really happens. what happened to the days when a little feeling was ok. when did we become robots. i know i can't be the only one who is this fucking lost. i cant be the only one this scared of everything. i can't be the only one who doesn't like their job. robert told me that in the online world you portray the good and not so much the bad. and that is true. i only show my bad here. but its still not good enough sometimes. my supervisor told me to have friends from school that i meet with regularly. well honestly dude we dont have much in common after we graduated. and she looked at me crazy. i mean have i gone mental? friends are people you have things in common with yes? do things together? well if you have nothing in common that limits the activites you can do.... They I feel are some of the worse offenders of the everything is great rule. Our jobs are great...our relationships are great. there is nothing in my life that is off. dude come on! i can't be the only one who has feelings...worries...concerns
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